How facing your own mortality can make you more productive

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My Life in Weeks

This poster shows your life in weeks. It shows the past and — based on life expectancy — it shows the future. Each box is one week. At 32 years old, I’ve got a lot of full boxes.

Each row on the chart is 52 boxes meaning each row shows one year. You can also see that the boxes are sub-divided into grids: small column grids to show months and larger row grids that show decades.

At the end of every week, you have to fill in one of those…

Personal change has two parts, but we only pay attention to one

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Behavior vs Evaluation

Let’s say you want to change something about yourself. You want to lose some weight, get better at chess, or be less anxious in social situations. All personal changes break down to one of two types: changing what you do (behavior) or changing how you feel (evaluation).

Changing what you do means changing what behaviors you engage in on a regular basis. Despite what you may think, this is actually the easier area…

Aspiring startup founder notes

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From my notes on the

#LearnInPublic #LearnByWriting

🚨 tl;dr: SAAS company growth is best measured through MRR (monthly recurring revenue), ARR (annual recurring revenue), MRR churn (loss of MRR), and Paid CAC (customer acquisition cost).

☁️ What is SAAS?

As everyone Knows, SAAS is software-as-a-service. It’s essentially a software subscription for cloud-based software. Think products like Segment, , Lately

  • Software as a service or SAAS is a subscription business that is charged monthly for web-based software.
  • Most often the commitment is month-to-month but sometimes there can be annual contracts as well.
  • Note here: I worked…

Notes from an aspiring startup founder

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From my notes on the

#LearnInPublic #LearnByWriting

🚨 tl;dr: An enterprise model for a startup means that your startup is primarily selling to big shiny enterprise customers. The most important metrics are Bookings, Total Customers, and Revenue. When distinguishing between bookings and revenue, the details matter. One is a leading metric and one is a trailing metric.

🏢 What is enterprise software sales?

  • An enterprise company sells services or software to other businesses on a per license basis. …

3 things to remember to get more personal value out of your writing

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We’ve all seen those headlines:

“How I make $5,000 per month on Medium.”

“How I turned writing into a full-time job.”

“How to get rich on YouTube.”

I once even saw someone trying to get me to buy their ebook on how to make money online by selling ebooks.

Aspiring Startup Founder Notes #LearnInPublic

I recently watched by Eric Migicovsky at Y-Combinator on how to talk to users.

Here are my notes.

👾 Initial thoughts from Sean

  • Talking to users is an interesting topic because it seems like something that should happen at a later stage. I worked at a startup where we had regular discussions with our most active users about our SAAS platform, the features we were building, and what was and wasn’t working well for them. To me it seemed like something that happens later on in the startup’s lifecycle when you…y’know, have users.
  • Thus, I almost didn’t watch…

Want to take all the sting out of people doing inconsiderate things? Here’s a mental trick that works explosively well.

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Want to feel less frustrated by other people? All you have to do is apply the Diarrhea Rule.

Here’s how it works:

If someone does something careless, rude, or hurtful — especially if they are a stranger — ask yourself: is it possible that they did this because they have explosive diarrhea and are trying to get home quickly?

Never attribute to malice what would be forgivable if someone was just trying to rush home to deal with explosive diarrhea…

A short handbook from someone who is awful at making friends

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When I originally wrote this, I had no intention of publishing it. Instead, my goal was to structure some of these important ideas as a guide for myself to get better at making friends.

But, thanks to the pandemic, many of us feel our social skills have become rusty, and our bank of friends is depleted. I hope that this will help others in the same way that writing it has helped me.

Find your niche

Here there’s an important piece of business advice that, strangely, applies here: niche down.

The idea in business goes something like this: if you are trying to…

A rule to use in your personal life and business

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Think about a purchase that has improved your life in a significant way. For me, it’s my Boston Terrier pup Octavian. The experiences I’ve had with him have been truly life-changing.

Most things that you will spend money on in your life will have both sides: a material side (you own a Tesla) and an experiential side that they facilitate (you love the feeling of listening to music in your Tesla on a road trip).

Best selling author Daniel Pink talks about this in his Masterclass:

“When social scientists have…

A simple step-by-step guide

Screencapture of a LinkedIn Carousel Post
A LinkedIn carousel post created by the author. Screencapture taken by the author.

You’ve probably seen posts like this from Gary Vaynerchuk and other influencers.

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