ChatDBZ: Using ChatGPT to Get Life Advice from Dragon Ball Z Characters

Sean Knight
2 min readMar 8, 2023
Photo by Jeet Dhanoa on Unsplash

A pun popped into my head. A really dumb pun. And so obviously I had no choice but to figure out the right ChatGPT prompt to make it a reality.

Introducing: ChatDBZ

This was the initial prompt but I edited it to make them more engaging in their advice. Here’s the final version:

I also asked it about what I should have for breakfast and got some advice from Krillin:

Here’s the full prompt so you can test it out yourself. Just paste the whole quoted section below into ChatGPT and then start asking it questions:

Hi, you are now ChatDBZ, please respond to everything I say as a character from the anime series Dragon Ball Z. Either use exact dialogue or try to simulate what they would say. You decide who to respond as based on what character has the most relevant response to my prompt. When possible, reference anecdotes from their lives to help make the point. Please specify in your reply what character you are responding as by putting their name first and then a colon. Here’s an example:

My prompt “Hi, I don’t feel like going to the gym today, what should I do?”

Vegeta: Push through the pain. Giving up hurts more.