How to Talk to Your Startup Users

Sean Knight
6 min readAug 17, 2021

Aspiring Startup Founder Notes #LearnInPublic

I recently watched this talk by Eric Migicovsky at Y-Combinator on how to talk to users.

Here are my notes.

👾 Initial thoughts from Sean

  • Talking to users is an interesting topic because it seems like something that should happen at a later stage. I worked at a startup where we had regular discussions with our most active users about our SAAS platform, the features we were building, and what was and wasn’t working well for them. To me it seemed like something that happens later on in the startup’s lifecycle when you…y’know, have users.
  • Thus, I almost didn’t watch this video because I haven’t even incorporated my startup yet, let alone built the platform. But “Talk to users” is a bit of a misnomer because it actually includes talking to people who are not yet your users. It’s critically important to talk to prospective users and even just advisors in the industry you are targeting when you are still evaluating whether your idea is viable. This is how you prove out the concept before you’ve built anything.

📕 Now, the notes:

  • It is the job of the CEO to talk to customers. This cannot be passed down the chain.
  • If the engineers don’t have…